DC 47 On Labor Day

It started out a cloudy day and then came the rain. The rally was dry and the rain began just as the march started. Brothers and Sisters kept on moving.

New Voting Machine Use Presented to Union Delegates


The new voting machines will be used in the upcoming November General Election.

Vote on Tuesday May 21

Important Dates leading up to May 21st Primary Election

Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot . . . . . . . . May 14

Last day for County Board of Elections to receive voter civilian absentee ballots . . . May 17

Municipal Primary . . . . . . . . . . . . May 21

DC 47 PEOPLE Interviews With Candidates

On Saturday, March 16, DC 47’s PEOPLE Committee will have City Council At-Large candidates present and answer questions beginning at 9:30 a.m. at 1600 Walnut Street on the 3rd floor. All members are welcome to attend. We spoke to City Commissioner candidates earlier this week.


Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health and safety, and even whether we have jobs at all, are in the hands of officials who influence our future.

Health & Safety

There is nothing more important than staying safe on the job. Our lives depend on it. That is why, as AFSCME members, we have access to some of the best workplace health and safety resources available.


The Newsletter section includes the District Council 47 newsletter, as well as newsletters from the Locals and Health & Welfare.

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City Council Supports Pa House Bill 1082 and Senate Bill 464

City Council Supports Pa House Bill 1082 and Senate Bill 464

AFSCME DC 47 VP Ethelind Baylor made remarks in support of Council member Henon's resolution. Philadelphia City Council Resolution Introduced By Council member Bobby Henon Urging the Pennsylvania General Assembly to support the Jake Schwab Worker’s Safety Bill, House...

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