DC47 Retirees


District Council 47 Retiree Chapter

We are 1200 strong and growing. Our members are from all of the affiliated Locals of the DC 47 family. We plan to increase our membership, by reaching out to present retirees who may not have been aware of our Chapter and also those members who may be retiring in the near future.

Under the dynamic leadership of Chapter President Dorothea Sea Wilson, the Chapter is one of the most active entities at DC 47. We must continually put forth an effort to gain a fair and equitable contracts for active workers. The retired members are at the forefront to protect pensions and benefits, including Social Security and Medicare. This is done through political activism and plain old-fashioned intuition, in seeing through the empty promises of some politicians.

The chapter has a general membership meeting four times a year on the fourth Wednesday in January, April, July and October. This provides a great opportunity to socialize with old and new friends. We also hold social events such as outings to various locations. This past year, there was an outing to New York to see the Rockettes Christmas Show and several casino trips.

We hope to have you as an active member of our Chapter in the near future. Even though you may be retired, you still offer a wealth of knowledge that would be greatly appreciated in assisting our Chapter to move forward.


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