In June, several candidates running for President chose to meet with our International Executive Board to discuss the important issues facing our country, and asked for the endorsement and support of our 1.6 million members.

As the next step in our member-driven endorsement process, we have invited these candidates to town hall-style discussions in Iowa, September 5-6.

All AFSCME members will be able to access the town hall livestream simply by pre-registering with their membership number – which can be found on their AFSCME card or mailing label of WORKS magazine – and a password provided by the national union.

We’ll encourage members to register via email and social media postings this week.

Here is the link to the registration page.

The deadline is Tuesday, September 1.

We need your assistance promoting these events. Please share this information about the town hall livestreams with your councils and locals, and encourage your members to register to participate. Much is at stake in the 2016 Presidential election and active participation of as many members across the country is crucial to an informed endorsement process.

Our audience at the Iowa events will be comprised of approximately 30 Iowa members and retirees from state facilities, cities and towns adjacent to the town hall venues in Altoona and Newton. We will livestream the town halls online to ensure our members across the country can see this conversation in real time.

Like so many in this country, our AFSCME sisters and brothers are looking for a President who will improve incomes, strengthen the middle class and reform government so that it works for all Americans, not just wealthy special interests. Since we know that unions like ours are the key to accomplishing that, we want a leader who will make it easier for workers to join together in strong unions and bargain collectively.

Next year, we will not only vote as individuals, we will work tirelessly to turn out the vote in communities across this country. But that energy and enthusiasm will come only after careful consideration of the candidates, and the conversations like the September 5-6 town halls in Iowa.