Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Thank you for your patience as we waited for the decision from the American Arbitration Association concerning the proposed $800 bonus award, related to our City contract negotiations settled in March, 2014.
Unfortunately, the arbitrator decided in favor of the City of Philadelphia. The arbitrator stated that, “ DC 47’s agreement with the City, includes, by any measure, more favorable economic terms than that negotiated with District Council 33.” That was the main basis for the decision.
Our package included a $2,000 bonus as well as a 3.5% raise in April, 2014, a 2.5% raise beginning in July, 2015 and a 3% raise starting July, 2016. District Council 33 received a $2,800 bonus and 3.5% raise in September, 2014 and 2.5% raise in July, 2015.
As disappointing as this decision may seem, we will continue to negotiate for the best overall wage package for you, as well as fighting to improve your working conditions.

In solidarity,

Frederick Wright, President

Read decision here: