Workers’ Bill of Rights

At the 2017 AFL-CIO Convention, the delegates passed a resolution calling for the creation of a Workers’ Bill of Rights. Speaking in support of the resolution, President Richard L. Trumka said:

Sisters and brothers, working people need a bill of rights.

A collective bargaining agreement for America.

This will serve as a platform for our members to rally around. It will give prospective members a clear statement of our values. And it will provide political candidates and elected officials with a litmus test for our support.

We simply refuse to accept the reality of struggling to make ends meet in the richest country in the world at its richest point in history. And so we demand rights that ensure we are able, through our work, to lead better lives.


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The Flame: Healthcare Tips for DC47 Members

The Flame: Healthcare Tips for DC47 Members

The Flame: January 2018

Hello DC 47 Health & Welfare Members! Happy New Year!! This month, we announce our new Mobile Care Coordinator Program, powered by Guardian Nurses. Please read this e-newsletter and reach out to our DC47 nurse, Yvette Pigeon, if you have any healthcare issues.

You should also have received a postcard at your home address announcing the MCC Program as well.

Robert McAllister
Administrator, AFSCME District Council 47
Health & Welfare Fund