President Obama joined other heads of state in New Zealand to formally sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said to the press in Washington as that signing event was taking place:

As supporters of the TPP gather in New Zealand to sign this unfair trade deal, it is no closer to actually passing here in the United States. Just look at what happened in Iowa on Monday night. The top two vote getters on each side oppose the TPP. This agreement is toxic. And the American people are not buying it. No photo op can change the fact that millions of working people are united in opposition to the TPP.

The TPP will put Americans out of work, destroy environmental protections, and raise prescription drug prices. We need to raise our voices to tell Congress to Vote NO. On Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 8-9), join the National Call-in Day to Stop the TPP. Dial toll-free 855-856-7645 and you’ll be connected with your Representative.