Resolution in Support of APWU: “US Mail, Not For Sale” Campaign

Resolution in Support of APWU: “US Mail, Not For Sale” Campaign

Whereas, the public Postal Service has its founding principles in the U.S. Constitution, is a national treasure and consistently rates as the most trusted government agency and

Whereas, universal service and fair and reasonable postal rates provide all the people with equal access and equal service no matter who we are or where we live, and

Whereas, the operations of the Postal Service are funded by the users, not taxpayer dollars, and

Whereas, postal jobs have been a source of decent and dignified union jobs for workers of all nationalities including military veterans and others of diverse backgrounds, with equal pay for equal work, and

Whereas, while methods of communication are constantly changing, mail continues to be invaluable to individuals and businesses including letters, cards, periodicals, medicines, catalogs, packages and is vital to the success of ecommerce, and

Whereas, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on June 21st, 2018 unveiled a plan for privatization of the United States Postal Service, that is selling it to private, for profit companies, and

Whereas, in December 2018 the President’s Task Force released their plan to cut costs, including ending collective bargaining rights as a means to make the USPS more attractive for sale to potential private investors, and

Whereas, billionaire and corporate-funded “think tanks” from the Heritage Foundation to the Brookings Institution have promoted either full or partial postal privatization, and

Whereas, postal privatization would enrich a few private companies at the expense of the people of the United States and the public servants that make the Postal Service such a success, and

Whereas, privatized postal services will be based on whether a company can make a profit and would lead to increased rates, loss of universal service to 157 million addresses every day, and would hurt rural residents and urban center residents, and

Whereas, this Resolution is based on and consistent with the active decisions by the APWU National Convention, the highest authority of the union, as well as the mandate of the National Executive Board, therefore be it

Resolved that AFSCME DC 47 goes on record opposing the full or partial privatization of the Postal Service, and be it further

Resolved that AFSCME DC 47 engages the “U.S. Mail, Not For Sale” campaign to share information, promote the website, collect pledge cards, educate members, the public and elected officials, and finally be it

Resolved that AFSCME DC 47 engages in the fight, joining with labor, community allies, elected officials and the public, in concrete actions to defend the public United States Postal Service.

DC 47 Pres. Fred Wright reacts to Mayor Kenny’s Budget Message About Libraries

DC 47 Pres. Fred Wright reacts to Mayor Kenny’s Budget Message About Libraries

“Our members … they are asking specifically for $15 million more for the library system. That’s for staff, supplies and the general upkeep of the libraries.”
“I am not completely satisfied with what the Mayor has said. I’m happy to hear he is going to put more money into the library system, but the proof is in the pudding. I need to see exactly how much more the City Council is going to approve for the libraries.” – DC 47 Pres. Fred Wright

DC 47 PEOPLE Committee 2019 Candidate Interviews

DC 47 PEOPLE Committee 2019 Candidate Interviews

DC 47 members and delegates come on out and hear from the candidates for a variety of offices in the upcoming May Primary Election.

All sessions will be held on the 3rd floor at 1606 Walnut Street.

March 7  – 5:30p to 8p Sheriff candidates

March 12 – 5:30p to 7:30p Mayoral candidates individual interviews

March 14 – 5p to 8p – City Commissioners

March 16 – 9a to 12 and 1p to 4p – Judicial candidates

Philly Municipal Offices Open on Monday, March 4th

Philly Municipal Offices Open on Monday, March 4th

A winter weather system is expected to bring snow to Philadelphia and surrounding counties overnight. The National Weather Service Mount Holly forecasts the storm to be over before Monday mornings rush hour. Philadelphia Streets Department is prepared to work overnight to clear roads, therefore City offices will be open on Monday, March 4, 2019.
Due to the winter storm, SEPTA Regional Rail Trains will operate on a modified schedule. Please visit the Winter Storm Service Plan for service information. SEPTA riders should check TrainView regularly for updates or additional service information throughout the day.

For information on bus detours and other modes of SEPTA transit, please visit

In preparation for the storm, the Philadelphia Streets Department mobilized at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. 100 pieces of equipment are actively treating the streets with over 30,000 tons of salt available. This event is planned to be a salting and plowing operation of primary and secondary roads, bridge decks and streets in areas of high air elevations. Crews will remain on-duty overnight to monitor roadways and respond to problem locations and emergencies.

The wintry mix is expected to impact Monday’s morning commute. Motorists are asked to allow extra time and maintain safe driving distances to allow for sudden stopping. Snow, sleet and rain can cause other hazardous conditions such as down trees and wires impacting traffic conditions.

Trash and recycling collections are on a regular schedule. Sanitation crews will be working throughout the snow event; however, delays are expected as trucks navigate through the inclement weather.