The negotiations between District Council 47 and the City of Philadelphia are moving very slowly. The City’s negotiation team has postponed the last three (3) scheduled negotiating sessions. The City is clearly dragging its feet and it is not clear when they really plan to bargain in good faith.
As you know, Mayor Jim Kenney has submitted a budget proposal to City Council and budget hearings are scheduled to begin next week. City Council is also reviewing legislation that would change the pension plan for non-represented employees of the City of Philadelphia. We expect that change would be similar to the same pension plan that the City reached with District Council 33. One main stumbling block in our negotiations is that issue, and the difference between the cap given to DC 33 members and the one that we need for District Council 47.
Our salaries are on average higher than that of DC33 and therefore we need a different deal than the one they obtained from the City.
Once again, I am asking for your continued support to help move this process forward. Your calls to Mayor Kenney and your City Council member helps our cause and lets them know we have a sense of urgency to get us a fair contract. I have been reaching out to City Council to press our case. I am also contacting local media, to let the public know we need a contract!