Brothers and Sisters,

Contract talks between the City of Philadelphia and AFCME DC 47 representatives have continued weekly (generally more than once a week). The existing contract has continued to be extended.
We just received, within the past few weeks, information the Union requested from the City of Philadelphia concerning the economic impact of changes that the City wants to make regarding the defined pension plan. In consultation with your leadership, we have made several counterproposals regarding pensions, in an effort to reach a settlement.
Just as some of you have expressed, I am also frustrated by the City’s slow movement at the bargaining table. I believe this is in part because they are waiting to see the outcome of binding arbitration with the Philadelphia Firefighters Union.
I also believe it would be in our best interest to come to an agreement concerning this contract before the Mayor makes his budget address on March 1. I suggest that just as in the past, Brothers and Sisters begin calling out the City administration for not giving us a contract. In a recent interview on WURD (February 2nd), I began to do that and hope you will join me in taking this action right now.
I also want you to know that the new leadership of Local 810 has decided to engage the Willig, Williams & Davidson law firm, to represent them in contract talks. Council 47 has not been involved with them at the bargaining table.
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