On September 21, 2014 over 400,000 people attended the Climate Change March in New York City. Attendees included all ages, backgrounds, and occupations. They were retirees, college students, babies in strollers, neighborhood activists, organic farmers, and unionized workers. Many of these union workers were AFSCME members that came from New York and Philadelphia, including AFSCME DC47.

The march in September showed a growing consensus that climate change concerns are serious problems, and that there are many different approaches to trying to fix these issues.

We have constructed a survey to help us decide, as a group, how we would like to tackle these climate change problems. This is where we need your help. We would like to know what you, DC47 members, think about climate change and IF you agree that it IS a concern, what actions you would like to take.

Please follow this link to our climate change survey: