Brothers and Sisters:

The District Council 47 Local 2186 and Local 2187 subcommittees have been meeting with the City’s representatives. Upon completion of their work, the larger group will gather to discuss Locals 2186 and 2187 economic issues in the contract.
Local 810 does not have subcommittee meetings and is ready to negotiate right now.
I do not believe the City of Philadelphia is ready to sit down and negotiate all of our contract terms right now. I think that’s in part because they still have not reached a settlement with the firefighters.
In the past few days, issues related to our contract and those of the police and firefighters have been discussed in the local press. The position articulated by some City folks is, they need agreements with workers that will enable them to get the money needed to get closer to fully funding the pensions.
I continue to stress the importance of a fair contract, and I am committed to not just doing what the City has been proposing, i.e. a hybrid plan with a salary cap of $50,000. This was the deal reached with District Council 33. That does not work for us!
We want to bargain in good faith ASAP, and do not want you to have to wait five years, as you did in the past, for a new contract. As we have been doing, we continue with a contract extension for now.
We will continue to struggle with the City, and if we stand together we will win!

Your Brother,
Fred Wright,