Sisters and Brothers:

I wish to update you concerning the negotiations between the City and DC 47 and clarify an issue, in response to questions that have been raised by other members.
First of all, we will be asking for a contract extension, since we still do not have a contract and negotiations are currently at a standstill. Right now, the Union is still waiting for responses from the City for information we requested.
In terms of the process, I want to clarify that the leadership of Locals 2186 and 2187 requested several subcommittees be established, to discuss specific areas of the contract. This includes – pensions, health and welfare, policy and personnel matters. The City and DC 47 (including representatives from each local) have representatives that will meet and discuss these concerns, in order to try and come to an agreement on these areas. These subcommittees meet, discuss, and reach an agreement before we go back to the bargaining table, to discuss and try to reach an agreement on the entire contract.
We have agreed to dates for these subcommittees to meet and look forward to this aspect of the negotiations to begin next month.