It is with Great pleasure that I share with you the agreement to pay the Bonus for members who were in transition from DC 33 to DC 47. It has been paid!

In March 2104 with new leadership from DC 47 President Fred Wright, Local 2187 was able to ratify a Memorandum of Agreement and Local 2187 members received a $2000 bonus. We reached out to Labor Relations in October 2014, identifying a select group of our members who were in a precarious situation. They were in transition from DC 33 on probation to promote to DC47 and they were placed in a position of not being eligible for either bonus.

We were informed “technically “since the affected employees became DC 47 members after the ratification, they were not eligible for the bonus. However, after some negotiation, the City agreed to provide the affected members with the lump sum payment of $2000 (bonus). There were 38 Local 2187 members affected.

Members received their checks right before the holiday. This is the first time in the history of the DC 47 Local 2187 and the City of Philadelphia, that this type of agreement has been negotiated and approved.


Happy Holiday Season!

In solidarity,

Jacqueline Marshall,
DC47 Local 2187 President