Health & Safety

Our Purpose

The purpose of AFSCME’s Health and Safety Committee:

• To facilitate co-operation between the City Of Philadelphia, First Judicial District and Philadelphia Parking Authority and brothers and sisters in Locals 2187, 2186 and 810.
• Our Health and Safety Officer helps develop rules and procedures that create standards, which help ensure our brothers and sisters health and safety.

When you become an AFSCME member, you are immediately eligible for benefits. You are automatically in the system, after you fill out the necessary Health & Welfare paperwork, and you need no additional paperwork. Even though most members don’t get hurt, usually 15-25 members are injured in any given month. In the event you are injured, report your injury to your Union Shop Steward as soon as possible. They will in turn report it to the Union’s Health & Safety Director.
If you cannot reach your Steward, you may call Michelle Jamison, Health & Safety Director, at 215-893-3770. There is language in the contract that gives the Union the right to advocate for our members.

When you are injured at work your costs are paid out of the City of Philadelphia Health and Benefit Fund, not from Workers Compensation.

The City of Philadelphia is self-insured. The money does not come from the Benefit Fund. The City pays for it and AFSCME administers it. The Union has a Board of Trustees that determines the provider and negotiates rates with Blue Cross.

The City’s program is a State-approved plan. The City is permitted to administer their own program as long as it meets the basic requirements of the law for all workers. The major trade-off is that you may not go to your own doctor at any time for treatment of your work-related injury. You must stay with the City’s providers for the duration of your claim.

You may also be compensated for injuries that occur over a long period of time. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and other repetitive strain injuries are included.

Health and Safety is also involved in joint labor/management issues in every City of Philadelphia department, FJD and PPA.

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