Greetings Local 810 Members. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on our contract negotiations with the City of Philadelphia.

Local 810’s current contract expired on 6/30/2017. As most of you were aware, Local 810 was under a 1-year contract term (7/01/2016 – 6/30/2017), which resulted in a 3% wage increase with no give backs on health benefits or pensions. This deal was successfully negotiated and ratified on 8/31/2016 and was retro back to 7/1/2016.

This go around things are going a little slower. At our initial meeting on 5/5/2017, Local 810 submitted the following proposal: A 3-year term contract of 4%, 4%, 4%, position step increases, and a $2,000 signing bonus. To date, the City has still not entered a counter proposal.

The City is using the District Council 33 contract as the set pattern for other City contracts, including Local 810.The City’s main emphasis has been on increased pension contributions from its City Employees via a tiered pension plan table, based on salary levels, as well as a Stacked Hybrid Plan for new hires.
CITY TIER PLAN                                        # LOCAL 810 MEMBERS
$45,000 & below: 0%                                                  42
$45,001-$55,000: +0.50%                                           139
$55,001-$75,000: +1.50%                                           288
$75,001-$100,000: +2.75%                                         4
The City agreed to meet on 9/29/2017. At this meeting, the City reinforced their position on the tiered pension plan. Local 810 recognizes the importance of pension reform but it must be fair and equitable for all Local 810 members. Local 810 stressed to the City our differences on this plan and the need to consider other proposals. An October date to meet again is anticipated.

Local 810 has been working with our DC 47 Pension Representative to examine this tiered plan and its potential impact on the membership. Local 810 recognizes the importance of the need, to you, the members, of maintaining and preserving the Defined Pension Plan. Although the City is taking a firm position on pension reform, Local 810 also realizes the fact that our membership has in no way contributed to the deficiencies facing the pension fund. That is why we are going to push back on this issue going forward in negotiations.
Health & Welfare – Local 810 realizes your health benefits are important to you and your family. As a Health & Welfare Trustee, I continue to work hard for the Union during these contract negotiations, in order to get you the best rates and service you deserve.

Local 810’s negotiating team, led by DC 47 President Fred Wright, Legal Counsel Jonathan Walters, Local 810 President Jim McGee and Local 810 Vice President Matt Shellenberger want to negotiate the best tentative agreement for you to consider.

We are, and have been, ready to negotiate with the City. Local 810 remains committed to reaching a fair contract. We cannot afford divisiveness or distractions in our Local because this will only exacerbate an already challenging process. Let’s work together to achieve our common goal. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Vice President Matt Shellenberger or myself directly. Thank you.

In Solidarity,

James McGee
AFSCME District Council 47
Local 810 – President
1606 Walnut St, 4th Fl
Phila Pa 19103
Ofc# 215-893-3754
Cell# 215-939-4398