dc 47 protest marchers

DC 47 VP Vanessa Fields and Local 2187 Pres. Jaqueline Marshall stood in front of MCDonald’s with signs. They joined with several dozen protesters, including members of DC 47 that had marched in center city Philadelphia calling for increased wages for workers at McDonald’s and other businesses. They chanted, “McDonald’s come off it, you made enough profit” and other spirited chants during their rally.
In front of the McDonald’s restaurant at 17th & Walnut one protester said, “Now we’re here at McDonald’s … the biggest fast-food chain with the richest executives. But, they still don’t pay their workers well. In fact, they pay their workers terribly.”
“Tired of working hard, slaving hard, running back and forth, working in these dangerous conditions for nothing,” said Rafael Curtis, a McDonald’s employee. And when I get my check I shouldn’t have to make a decision between my rent or my cell phone bill.”
“Today man it’s just about fighting and no longer being quiet man.”