The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, which represents nearly 4,000 members at Mondelēz International, maker of Nabisco snack products, released the second video in its “The 600” series, that highlights the exorbitant corporate greed of Nabisco/Mondelēz executives and, more generally, the economic injustice of executive compensation which totaled over $36.8M for Mondelēz’s three top officers in 2015 alone. This compensation plan was in place despite the fact that Nabisco/Mondelēz recently laid off 600 workers from its Southside Chicago Bakery as a result of the Company outsourcing production of Oreos from Chicago to Salinas, Mexico.

The video will be used as a part of BCTGM’s Nabisco 600 tour, which has, since its inception, met with associations, retiree groups, and other social and activist organizations across the United States with nearly ten million direct members, educating them about BCTGM’s “Check the Label” campaign that encourages American consumers to boycott Mexican-made Nabisco products, and instead, buy those that are produced in America in support of American jobs. These efforts have significantly intensified the breadth and depth of the boycott and, at the same time, expanded its coalition of those who seek to keep companies like Nabisco/Mondelēz from outsourcing American jobs to lightly-regulated areas of the world with labor forces that work for poverty wages.

Consumers can support the “Check the Label” Campaign in several ways:

Check the Label: There are two ways to know if your Nabisco snacks are made in the U.S. or Mexico:
Check for the words “Made in Mexico” under the ingredient list.
Check the plant identification code, which is part of the expiration date code: do not buy if the initials “MM” or “MS” are listed (see visual in English and Spanish for more details). The initials AE, AH, AP, AX, AZ and XL all indicate American-made products.
Tell your grocery or convenience store manager to only stock American-made Nabisco products.
The National contract between Mondelēz International and over 2,000 of its 4,000 workers represented by the BCTGM, expired on February 29, 2016. BCTGM continues to be resolute in its commitment to securing a quality contract for its members – one that is in the very best interests of all members and their families today and into the future.