Thank you all.  Your efforts this past Tuesday were instrumental in stemming the invasion of Middle Easterners from Central America who planned to infect us with smallpox and leprosy.  Because of you, Fox has no longer deemed the caravan as being a threat.  Good job.

Now, back to reality.  Three and a half years ago, frustrated by a State budget that arrived nine months late and carried very little new money for public education, I sent an email out to fellow activists about what we could do to change the State legislature.  The replies that I received were:

(1) Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered districts were too extensive to elect responsible legislators;

(2) Outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the State is incurably reactionary;

(3) Those legislative districts in question lack good progressives;

Over that ensuing time, a movement began that tested the veracity of those statements, and Tuesday’s results provided sufficient evidence to reject those claims.  Here is a “Before” and “After” snapshot of how your efforts impacted our government.

Before November 6                                                         

                        Governor                    US Senator               US Congress                          State House                 State Senate

Democrat            1                                     1                                 5                                           81                                  16

Republican          0                                     1                                13                                         122                                 34

After November 6                                                            

                       Governor                    US Senator                US Congress                     State House                      State Senate

Democrat            1                                    1                                   9                                      92                                        21

Republican          0                                    1                                   9                                     111                                        29

Yes, we still have work to do, but now we know that we can do it.  On Wednesday, November 28, from 6 to 8 PM, Neighborhood Networks is hosting a pot luck at Summit Presbyterian Church (6757 Greene Street).  If you did anything to help in our campaign to make Pennsylvania a more humane place to live and work, you are invited.  Come share your war stories with like minded folk and learn our future plans to turn PA Blue. 

Thanks again.    – Coleman