Brothers and Sisters,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for working to make sure that Hillary Clinton and other union-friendly candidates won in Philadelphia. We worked to register voters, encourage brothers and sisters to vote and to get the vote out on election day. We did our part and had victories in the Pa House and Senate, as well as for Attorney General and State Treasurer. However, that was not enough to ensure a victory for Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty, our endorsed Pennsylvania U. S. Senate candidate.
At this time, it is very important that we stay united and focused on our work and what we need to do to maintain the gains we have won at the bargaining table. Those that would turn the clock back on us will look for every opportunity to take advantage of any disunity in our ranks. We must stand with our brothers and sisters to ensure that organized labor is not the victim of a right-wing agenda designed to make us loose hope and loose your positions in municipal government, as well as the nonprofit sector.
Again, thanks for your support, and let’s continue to pull together.

Your brother,
Fred Wright, President, AFSCME District Council 47