Several candidates for State Rep. in the upcoming April 26, 2016 Primary Election spoke with members of DC 47’s PEOPLE Committee. There is also a special election on March 15th in the city, to fill the unexpired terms of some State Representatives.

Photos (top left) Movita Johnson-Harrell is running in the primary election for State Rep. in the 190th District. (top right) Tonyelle Cook-Arts is running in a special election March 15, as well as in the primary election in April in the 200th District. (bottom left) State Rep. Donna Bullock is running for re-election in April for her 195th District seat.  Also, seated in the photo is Darryl Thomas. He’s a candidate for the seat currently occupied by Rep. Vanessa L. Brown in the 190th District. (bottom right) Chris Rabb is running for State Representative in the 200th District in the April primary.