AFSCME DC 47 Local 2186 Pres. Alfred Jones, Local 2187 Pres. Jacqueline Marshall, Joanne Strauss, PHA, PHA Director Kelvin Jeremiah, DC 47 Pres. Fred Wright, Dc 47 Bus. Agent Mike Bonetti, and Local 2186 VP Donnell Martin pose for a picture after the PHA Board voted to accept the new contract with the union.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement between PHA ad District Council 47, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, Local 2186 which covers PHA’s 18 buildings maintenance superintendents, superintendents of emergency non-routine maintenance, superintendents of emergency non-routine roofing, and utility equipment supervisors, expired March 31, 2014. The parties reached a five year agreement. The Agreement provides for general wage increase, changes in employee health care contributions/rates and certain work rule changes.

DC 47 is the representative for Administrative Technicians, clerk typists, command center dispatchers, command center technicians, contract control specialists, customer response technician, department staff assistant’s and housing and building inspectors and Local 2187 represents fifty-six (56)) PHA employees. The prior collective bargaining agreement between PHA and DC 47 local 2187 ended March 31, 2014. The Master Agreement expired March 31, 2002 . PHA and Local 2187 amicably reached and Agreement; and the terms of that Agreement were considered reasonable, practical and supportable from both and , in operational and budgetary standpoint; and the PHA’s Board of Commissioners approved the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement and authorized the President and CEO to execute and implement a renewal of CBA consistent with those terms.