Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As many of you are aware, our transition to Nationwide from ICMA-RC as our 457 plan (deferred comp) administrator went live May 24, 2017.  You may have received a mailing with instructions on how to establish your new online account with Nationwide.  If not, you simply need to log on to:
the same website as before, and call 855.550.1777. This number is also listed immediately on the home page of the website.  The customer service representatives are very up to speed with our transition and will walk you step by step through the online registration process.  Once complete (2-3 minutes) you will once again have full access to your account and related investments.

One item to note is that any monies you had invested in ICMA-RC’s stable value fund will remain with ICMA-RC until November.  You still have full access to those dollars, but will need to log on to:
using your old user name and password or simply call 800.669.7400 and speak with one of the representatives.

This is important to remember because when you first view your account with Nationwide your total value may look diminished due to the fact that any monies you have invested in the stable fund will not appear there.  They will, however, appear when you view your account with ICMA-RC using the instructions above.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.  Change is rarely a comfortable process, but once we are fully up and running in a week or two I believe the benefits will be apparent.

Carol G. Stukes-Baylor
Pension Representative – DC47