Philadelphia City Council passed Bill 171109 and Resolution 171134 which will amend the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter with a provision of mandatory annual sexual harassment training for all City officers and employees.  Introduced on December 14, 2017 by Councilwoman Reynolds Brown in partnership with the ‘Women of City Council’, the new Bill will require mandatory annual training for all exempt, non-exempt, civil service, City officers and employees regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. The administration may conclude for certain employees and departments that non-annual training is most appropriate and effective for the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. In these circumstances, sexual harassment training must be offered to those employees and departments at least once every three years.

“This legislation is a significant step in the right direction to ensure that the City of Philadelphia is fostering a workplace environment free of sexual harassment,” Councilwoman Reynolds Brown said.

“All employees deserve to work in an environment that works against gender stereotypes, empowers bystanders, encourages civility, requires serious training, promotes women, encourages reporting, and implements proportional consequences for negative behaviors and offenses.”