The United States Supreme Court will rule very soon in a case that could affect your union-negotiated job security, pay and benefits. The case is Janusv. AFSCME Council 31, and you need to know the facts:

  1. Billionaires brought the case. The same 1-percenters who have been rigging the system against working people are now pouring millions more into buying a ruling that will hurt all of us.
  2. They want to bust unions. They know that unions like ours must represent every worker equally, even if some choose not to join as members. They want the Court to say that workers who receive all the benefits of a union contract and union representation no longer have to chip in to cover the costs. And that can hurt the strength of our union.
  3. They want to sap our power. They know the power of a union comes from our strength in numbers. Corporate bigwigs have the power of money, but we have the power of people. That’s why they plan to spend $80 million to convince people like you to quit your union.
  4. They want to divide us. The more people who stick together in our union, the more power we have to negotiate good pay, benefits and job security. If people quit, that power goes away.
  5. You can defend yourself! You can do one simple thing, right now, to prevent their attacks from hurting the job security and union-negotiated benefits you count on. Let us know you’ll never quit your union by signing the pledge today.