We all should be concerned about the passage by the PA Senate’s State Government Committee of Bills 166 & 167. They threaten public sector employee union’s collective bargaining agreements future ability to receive political payroll support from our brothers and sisters. These dollars make possible efforts to support candidates operating in the best interest of workers’ concerns.
The specific language in the so-called paycheck protection Bill 166 passed in the state Senate reads, “ A collective bargaining agreement entered into, renewed or extended on or after the effective date of this section shall not contain provisions authorizing or requiring the deduction of political contributions.”
Republicans in the state Senate, I believe emboldened by the Trump presidency, are now making a frontal attack on those they believe would be organizing against their anti-union agenda.
The PA AFL-CIO stated in opposing the PA House bills, “Rather than address payroll deductions uniformly, Senate Bills 166 and 167 single out public-sector unions in a blatant attempt to silence workers.  Corporations and insurance companies also collect payroll deductions from public employees, and those funds are also used to advocate on issues and lobby politicians.”

We cannot sit on our hands while anti-union measures are being put in place, designed to limit our ability to fight back collectively & politically.
We will be monitoring the situation , talking to our other union brothers and sisters, and determining in the coming days, weeks and months ahead the appropriate steps to take to fight these draconian measures.
We request that you take the time to let your voice be heard. Paycheck deductions are an item subject to collective bargaining, not politicians!