Parking is available in and around Temptations but also at Wayne & Chelten (Rite- aid/Pathmark Parking lot).
Burger King Parking will be available along the fenced areas and side beginning at 9pm. At 10pm, you may use the entire Parking lot.
Parking will be available at the Chelten Plaza, Save A lot Market (Chelten and Pulaski ) around the walls and inward perimeters. The Property manager has requested that we please leave the center aisle available for customers due to the 24 hour operations.
DC 47 has requested 39th Police district to patrol the area for added security.

Guest and Attendees:
Temptations will open its doors at 9pm. Seating will be available for those via a first come first served basis. We ask that you do not save seats for anyone due to the volume of attendees. There will be 4 tables reserved for Invited Dignitaries and our Retirees. Please understand that this is a courteous gesture to those who have been very supportive in our District Council. All Union members are important and we do not support one favorite over another but understand that it was decided that there are persons who assist and support us in ways that allow us to do some of the good things we do.

Codes of Conduct & Demeanor
We ask that any and all guests who attend the affair conduct themselves in a professional, responsible, cordial and respectful manner.
The District Council will be guests of Temptations Ownership & Management and they have been generous to allow us to host the affair. It is only right that we engage in the activities as the leaders that we are. Temptations has the right not to serve anyone whom they believe are intoxicated or behaving in a manner non conducive to proper codes of conduct.

District Council 47 wants everyone to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure manner. We hope to see you at the affair.

Thank you,

Vanessa L. Fields Vice President DC 47
Charles D. Younger Union Organizer Local 2187