As we close out 2018, we are grateful for our positive outcomes from negotiations, which helped us maintain our standards of living. This includes pay increases and the continuation of medical and time benefits. These benefits are collectively bargained for periodically. So, having an active Union and an engaged membership is the key to achieving our goals, at the bargaining table. In 2018, we successfully negotiated contracts with the City of Philadelphia, American Friends Service Committee, First Judicial District, Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Kaiserman JCC, and KleinLife. In each of these contracts, we had obstacles to overcome; such as, the looming Janus decision which affected public sector workers, resistance from management, and pending right-to-work laws in the state legislature. We overcame these challenges through the hard work of dedicated union members like yourselves. You voiced your concerns and your co-workers’ concerns and you demanded fairness and respect from management. Your recent demands for full funding for public libraries continues our struggle for improved working conditions for our members. Also, the hearing in city council and support for improvements regarding secondary trauma are aimed to improve members health and well being. We will continue to voice our concerns with city council and the administration as we did in 2018, to work toward bringing about these changes We will need that same collective power at the ballot box. I was proud to have members working the polls on November 6th. If you are not registered to vote, please do so. We need every vote on election day, to advance policies and elect people that support working people and union concerns. Voting is power, and we cannot afford to relinquish our right to vote. By voting, you can make a difference in local, state and federal government, and in turn, our work places, communities and families. As always, the officers and staff of AFSCME District Council 47 wish you and your families a pleasant Holiday Season and a very joyous New Year.